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BS9000B fully automatic dishwasher for hotel

BS9000B fully automatic dishwasher for hotel


Bo Shu

The product model


Product name

Long type dishwasher (with far infrared high temperature drying machine)

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  • BS9000B fully automatic dishwasher for hotel

shipping& package:wooden packing

delivery time:one week after deposit

Applicable places

Suitable for large institutions canteens, food chain, unit staff canteen.

Product function

Suitable for washing dishes, plates, bowls and other large pieces of tableware

Washing capacity

5000 / h (maximum speed of washing, snack plate theory for the calculation of standard)

Washing parameters

Large washing amount: 5000 / hour of 25CM disc

Heating method: steam heating

Total power: 35KW

The dishwasher drying machine 12Kw, 23Kw

Electrical installation requires 380V/50Hz/ three-phase five wire, the external need to install independent air switch

Host power line: 10M square meters

The dryer power source line: 16m square meters

The inlet pressure (flow pressure): 0.3-3kg/c square meters

Water temperature: 10-60 degrees

Water hardness: 0.04-0.105g/L

Steam inlet pressure: 1.0-3kg/c square meters

Water consumption of about 1 cubic meters (tons): /2 hours

Size: L9000*W830*H1500mm

Standard configuration

Spray around the unique design, the water curtain more uniform distribution, ensure the washing effect

Button type computer board design simple, simple operation

To overcome the built-in spray pump, pressure fluctuation, bring the effect of spraying stability

Ergonomic operation based on the height, the operator easily handling tableware, reduce labor intensity

Power lifting design unique, easy lifting

Export equipped with emergency stop switch device, convenient for operators to control the running of machine

The unique design of anti concave nozzle clogging, fan flow to ensure the washing effect

The electric heating pipe and anti dry burning system guarantee the safe use of the machine

Large capacity filter basket, convenient disassembly and cleaning, and can be in the wash room for

Simple drainage system, safe and reliable, and the door switch protection, when the door is closed automatically closed drainage pipeline

Machine configuration:

1, the machine skeleton, skin, pipeline, standard parts is made of high quality stainless steel manufacturing and.

2, motor: the use of Shanghai Dedong Motor Co. Ltd. production of "East German" brand motor.

3, pump: "Guangdong Yuehua" brand stainless steel high pressure water pump, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant.

4: Japan's OMRON brand, electrode

(play the exploration level, dry burning prevention, water shortage is power-off function).

5, electrical components for the French brand Schneider.

6, drying and sterilizing tube: stainless steel.

Machine dimension

(length * width * height) 9000*830*1700 MM

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