Shanghai Bo Shu Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.
 Boshu is a commercial kitchen equipment enterprise engaged In research,design and manufacture.main product include:Commercial dishwasher,stainless steel drain cover,steaming cabinet. We have dozens of dishwasher  technology patents.Up to now become leading brand of commercial dishwasher.

Our headquarter located in Shanghai. We adhere to technology Innovation from the beginning.we develop technology innovation on basis of 5s management  to Large extent. Improve research and develop of new product ,Our company invest 10 million

RMB to introduce international standard of German laser cutting machine, CNC punch, CNC bending machine, etc. high end processing equipment and build product research center.

Lay solid foundation for improving product research ,develop high value added product and

Constantly expand market share.

 We manufacture in accordance with clients requirement. With advanced craft,strict quality control,

Constantly develop and keep ahead ,leading trend in industry. Quality for survival,innovation for

Development.With its unique brand strategy to stand out in industry. Begin a kitchen equipment hot In catering  industry. But this is only the beginning, the road ahead will be long. The real brand, not only to obtain the trust of consumers, but also to withstand the test of time, our task is very arduous

We have to expand on the basis of profession,fine and strong.To keep boshu product leading postistion in industry. Customer and market as our guidance, let our client trust in boshu kitchen Equipment.

With many years in derivative,develop,become pioneer of morden kitchen equipment.

 Market build Boshu, Bo shu develop market.

Our company is a company keeping science humanization value trend .Being

pioneer in career.grasp new tast in competitive market.grasp humanized design.grasp modern life rhthem. 

Boshu kitchen equipment, exquisite craft,future,come hand in hand.


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